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Mediforms EMR


Mediforms EMR for the iPad is an electronic medical records app that leverages touch and the iPad’s large screen to provide the fastest way to electronically capture patient medical history and encounter details.  Mediforms EMR is developed by a leading provider of technological solutions for physicians and medical facilities. Mediforms EMR for the iPad is based on the leading TabletPC application of the same name.

Mediforms NEEDs Your Help!Mediforms is seeking physicians and medical professionals who have a great idea for a template in their specialty.  Please click here for more details.Templates.html

Don’t let your EMR slow you down!

The paid version of Mediforms EMR additionally provides:

To contact our support group, provide feedback, or make a feature request please send us an email -

  1. ‿lt;/span>Multiple downloadable templates available in the App Store.  Download only the ones you need for your specialty.

  1. ‿lt;/span>Separate templates for each encounter and patient history.

  1. ‿lt;/span>PDF reports for history and encounters that can be downloaded via the iPad’s file sharing or emailed for inclusion in physical or electronic document management.

  1. ‿lt;/span>Custom codes entered on the fly or made permanent customization to the template.

  1. ‿lt;/span>And many more‿lt;/p>